EA’s brand new Star Wars Battlefront II is scheduled to be released on November 17 for the general public, but some members of the community have already had a chance to play thanks to the Early Access options. However, those who have been able to play the game seem to have mixed feelings regarding the microtransactions as well as other aspects of the game.

One of theses players is NexusPatriot from the Battlefront Subreddit, who has written a post regarding the issues he feels the game will carry on its launch. I found his words to be quite interesting and asked for permission to share his post on the site. Here’s what he had to say about the game.



I’m gonna summarize the three main problems people with early access have criticized, that if are not fixed, will be cataclysmic for EA, DICE, and the future of Battlefront.

  1. Loot Crates

I know DICE have slightly addressed the issue, but the game is still very much pay to win.If you spend over $90+, you’ll have an inventory and star card advantage of over a hundred hours play, to someone who does not partake in micro-transactions. The advantages are ridiculous. And ultimately, it is extremely difficult to balance, because now that the micro transaction system is in place, people who do spend the extra cash need to feel that they are getting their money’s worth. This system is abysmal and should have never been implemented. Loot crates of any kind should forever and always, ALWAYS be cosmetic exclusive. Never have anything effecting gameplay. There are six factions, 4 standard classes, dozens of ideas for special units per faction, 14 Heroes, etcetera… a cosmetic system would have been perfect for making everything you own feel more personal, such as getting Luke’s Bespin skin, or customization your Stormtrooper classes with colored pauldrons, or changing the gender and race of your Rebel Alliance classes. The list of ideas is more than the entire game could possibly fit.

2. Obtaining credits

Credits are a joke in this game. You get maybe a couple hundred every game or so, and completing a time consuming challenge will only yield you another hundred. All crates rate above the thousands range from standard classes crates, to star fighter crates, to the ever expensive hero crates. Also, it costs 60,000 credits to unlock the two most iconic Star Wars characters, Luke and Vader for use in multiplayer. Some people have been grinding the entire early access and have barley managed to get over 20,000 credits. The credit system is also tailored to how much you play, not how well you play. So spending money on the premium crystal currency is more enticing for immediate results, as grinding is now in a strange time based system, worse than a RPG game’s RNG based system, and multiplier’s with skill. Credits should be based on time, AND performance. If you play well, you should be rewarded for it. And the standard credit rate for everything should be doubled across the board. If right now you obtain 100 credits a match, you should earn 200. And all special orders and assignments should be tripled or quadrupled… a measly 100 credits for time consuming assignments? DICE are you kidding me? The first Battlefront had a better system.

3. Length of matches

Galactic Assault is Battlefront’s prime gameplay mode. An objective based game mode with 40 players, infantry, vehicles, ships and heroes. Games are too inconsistent. Matches can last up to thirty minutes or 5 minutes. The original Battlefront game’s had standard conquest mode with up to 64 players, and was determined by number depleting the enemy team’s tickets to null. The defining mode of the Battlefield series is also Conquest, in the same manor of depleting tickets (or in Battlefield 1’s case, gaining the most tickets) by captured points of command that earned more points, the more points were in your teams possession. Games would always last a minimum of 20 minutes… and that’s just if one team literally sits back and does nothing. A team of 32 players mind you, as Battlefield has 64 players, the OG Battlefront’s had 64 players, but Battlefront 2 2017 does not. I understand Galactic Assault is not meant for 64 players, and it can’t be. It’s based from Battlefield 1’s operations game mode. And I respect that, but Battlefield 1’s operations are clearly greatly flawed in that you are still attempting to optimize it to this day, one year after Battlefield 1’s release. That is Battlefront’s main game mode… it doesn’t have Conquest to fall back on if Galactic Assault proves to be difficult to manage. Why DICE? Why? Disney gave EA the rights to Battlefront BECAUSE of the Battlefield series and it’s immense diverse play list. ESPECIALLY Conquest, which the original Battlefront’s had! And you’ve perfected over the years of Battlefield. That, doesn’t make any sense. Hopefully down the line you add in Conquest mode with one map per era. These would evidently be the largest battles per conflict, that would definitely justify 64 players, with infantry, vehicles, ships, heroes, and the kitchen sink. Geonosis for Clone Wars, Jakku for the Galactic Civil War, and Crait for the First Order War.

These seem to be the main underlining problems surrounding the subreddit, and if they are all addressed within the first month, this game will prosper. The Galactic Assault and Conquest mode debacle will arguably be the most difficult one, and most likely will take a significant amount of time to be perfected. Maybe they’ll port supremacy back into the game from the first Battlefront, maybe as a placeholder for future solutions.

All in all, DICE has a lot of work to do, and as the community to make sure we stay on top of their decisions. They let the first Battlefront rot and burn. We can’t let the same happen to this one. Hopefully you read this DICE. We appreciate all you have done. Truly and genuinely, we are excited to play and for us to share your creation – but there is definitely work that needs to be done, that definitely effects the quality of life for this game.

I wish all of you and fantastic and fabulous day! 3 more days to go… WE ARE ALMOST THERE!!!


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