Following all the negative press that Star Wars Battlefront II was receiving regarding the loot crate system, microtransactions and the “gambling” aspect of the game, EA decided to remove the feature from the game and find a way to end all the backlash from the community. However, they might have received other incentives to do so.

As an article from The Washington Post stated, the Chairman of Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media, Jimmy Pitaro, had come in contact with EA in order to communicate the concerns that Disney was having with all the negative press that the game was receiving. At only a few weeks from the premier of The Last Jedi, Disney couldn’t risk having this PR disaster grow into something bigger, especially with the “gambling” allegations that some fans were starting to make. Given that, both EA and Disney came to the agreement that the microtransactions aspect of the game had to be removed and improved upon.

Nonetheless, according to Multiplayer First, Disney also communicated their disappointment on how EA was handling the Star Wars intellectual property and the exclusivity deal that they were given. EA is the only video game company that has the rights to publish Star Wars games. However, this might end sooner than expected if they don’t manage up improve the current situation they have created. If things don’t improve, the exclusivity deal might be terminated.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if this threat from behalf of Disney causes a change in direction of EA in foreseeable future. Loosing the Star Wars IP would translate to a huge loss in potential revenue. If the company acts smart and value said revenue, then they probably up their game in future Star Wars titles.


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