Madame Jocasta Nu is one of the many Jedi who are covered by a veil of mystery and uncertainty. The information that we have surrounding her character is very limited, but the little that we know about her acts as fuel for many wild theories. After all, Jocasta Nu is one of the most knowledgeable Jedi when it comes to the mysteries of the Force given that she was Chief Librarian of the Jedi Order. Nonetheless, what happened to her after Order 66?

Issues 007 and 008 of the Darth Vader comics have revealed the first bits of canonical information regarding Nu’s life after Order 66. On issue 007 it is revealed that Jocasta has gone into hiding with a friend of hers called Gar. The exact location of where they are hiding was not disclosed, but we did receive some insight on Jocasta’s current mission. She has embarked herself on a mission to create a new school for Jedi with the hopes of re-establishing the order once again.

In her quest, Nu has recorded a series of holocrons where she compiled great amount of information regarding the Jedi legacy. In the comic, it’s possible to see shelves and baskets that hold her holocrons as well as a book stand like the ones found in the Jedi Archives. The exact details of what these holocrons hold is unknown and one can only speculate what might happen to them as the years go by. However, there’s a certain bit of information that not even the wisest Jedi is able to fully memorize.

Near the second half of the comic, Nu tells Gar that she must return to Coruscant to retrieve one final bit of information in order to fulfill her mission. With her lightsaber in hand and her old starfighter, Nu heads out to retrieve a list of potential students; a list with all the force sensitive kids known to the Jedi before Order 66.

Once in Coruscant, she makes her were to the Jedi Archives and reveals a hidden entrance to a room filled with old relics from both the Sith and the Jedi. In the room, we are also introduced to Cator, a droid who was tasked with protecting all the relics that Nu left behind. Amongst said relics theres busts, holocrons, helmets and even a dark starfighter, but those are a subject for another article.

Once Jocasta finds the holocron she’s looking for, she says goodbye one last time to Cator and heads out to the main room of the Jedi Archives. Though she’s aware that the information she’s carrying is sensitive and vital to the Jedi, Nu cannot stand how the Grand Inquisitor is disrespecting the Jedi Archives and in a rush of rage, she jumps and charges at the Inquisitor…

The fate of Madame Jocasta Nu remains uncertain and we’ll get more answers on the next issue of Darth Vader. By the looks of the cover, it seems that Vader and Nu will face off and given the recent events of the comics, the future doesn’t seem too bright for our fellow Jedi.

So there you have it, Jocasta did survive Order 66, has gone into hiding, and is looking forward to create a new generation of Jedi, but her love for her books has put her in danger. What do you think about this story? Do you think she’ll survive and escape? Let us know on the comments below!

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