Earlier this week a big announcement was made from behalf of Lucasfilm that had fans dropping their jaws like never before. The newest member of the Star Wars family, Rian Johnson, was revealed to be in charge of creating an all-new Star Wars trilogy.

For those who don’t know, Johnson is the writer and director of The Last Jedi. His work on the 8th installment of the saga seems have been so exceptionally good that Lucasfilm has entitled him with the right to explore the galaxy far, far away that we all love.

This brand new trilogy is set to part ways from the Skywalker saga and venture off into a new corner of the galaxy that we have never been taken to before in the Star Wars lore. This means that we’ll be introduced to completely new character, planets and stories that we might have had never heard of. Does this mean we will perhaps get an Old Republic trilogy or perhaps explore the stories of some of the most mysterious sith’s of the aga? Maybe, but perhaps not in the way you would expect.

Old Republic

The key phrase of the announcement is that this new trilogy will venture into things that have never been explored in Star Wars lore. Things like The Old Republic have already been explored and some fans are well-acquainted with what happened in the old canon timeline. It appears to be that Lucasfilm wants to introduce something COMPLETELY new that we have never even thought about and, to be honest, it makes sense.

Disney wants to captivate old and new fans alike, but if the focus of this new trilogy is geared towards things that only hardcore fans can relate to, then new fans might be left aside and won’t be as hooked as they could be. That’s a risky move and it’s better to tell stories no one has ever heard in order to leave everyone wishing for more.

At this moment in time no details have been given about story of the new Trilogy nor do we have any release dates. Everything seems to still be in a conceptual phase, but as soon as more details are revealed we’ll make sure to update you.

Where do you think Johnson will take us? Let us know on the comments below.


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