Following the great amount of outrage that EA received regarding the Star Wars Battlefront II Microtransactions, the company has decided to pull the plug and all in-game purchases are now removed until further notice.

According to EA’s statement, it was never their intention to give certain players an advantage over others. In their eyes, their loot crate system was perfect and they saw no issue with it. However, the community spoke loud and clear and now EA is stepping up to their commitment of spending more time listening, adjusting, balancing and tuning their game based on what us, the players, have to say.

It is worth mentioning that the microtransactions aspect of the game is not gone for ever. EA will take the time to revamp the system and will then re-introduce it back to the game. This makes complete sense given that they must find a way to finance all the upcoming free DLCs. All that additional content costs money to produce and the mere sales of the game will most likely not be enough. Does this mean that they just removed the problem now and will then introduce it again at a later date? Most likely not. Perhaps the whole dynamic behind the crates will change and they might be entirely focused on the cosmetic aspect of the game. After all, fans have stated that cosmetic thing don’t really bother them, but rather it was the fact that some players were getting un unfair advantage beyond just the looks of their avatars.

EA’s decision to remove the microtransactions from the game is a good sign when it comes to future Star Wars games. The community has proven that they will not remain quite when they are feeling trampled and developers will keep that in mind when developing the next AAA Star Wars title. The greed of a few should not come at the cost of the many.

What are your thoughts regarding the loot crate system and microtransactions? Are you okay with EA’s decisions? Let us know on the comments below!


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