Hello there fellow Star Wars fans and welcome to Star Wars Nexus! It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you my brand new passion project. Like many of you, I’ve been a die-hard Star Wars fans for many years now. This amazing franchise has had a great influence on my life and today I decided to finally manifest my love for Star Wars.

Star Wars Nexus is the start of something new. The whole purpose of this website is to deliver the latest news and content from a galaxy far far away. I’ll be writing articles on the upcoming films, tv shows, toys, video games and much more. However, I’ll state right away that this website will not be built upon rumors. I feel that quite a few websites and YouTube channels have started to focus on delivering rumors and speculation instead of reporting true facts and news. Everything you’ll read on this site will be 100% factual.

I really hope we can develop a strong and friendly community here at Star Wars Nexus. New friendships, good discussion and healthy interactions should be at the core of this community. I’ll do my best to provide the grounds for this to flourish, but I expect you all put equal amounts of energy to make this work.

The road ahead seems to be pretty rough, but if my love for Star Wars is truly as strong as I think it is, then there should be no problems. I hope we can make something amazing out of this.

Hope to see you around and may the force be with you.

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Hello There! My name is Tomas and I’m a die-hard Star Wars fan like many of you. I enjoy writing about Star Wars and I hope you enjoy reading what I write.


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